Girls assholes can handle various obects

Dicks, thick dildos, anal balls, enema, even hands if anus is good stretched

06 October
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Anal insertions while is sleeping

It should be an interesting experience. How to insert something into the sleeping girl’s asshole and not to wake her? Sleepy ass is so narrow and tight. It is necessary to operate carefully and gently, greasing an anus with warm lubricant. So, this sleeping anal insertion could be a shocking surprise for your girlfriend. But all be very nice if she likes hot backdoor games.

11 July

Pretty round ass with a widely opened anus

opened anus

This girl is so pretty and obedient when she is kneeling on the table and allows to push various objects into her asshole. Her big round ass looks really fine with the dilator which is stretching her anus now. The rectum is very sensitive and sexy babe gets a good pleasure from anal manipulations. Dense lubricant flows out from her widely opened ass and covers shaved pussy lips.

11 June

Easy to insert but difficult to take out

thick anal plug

This metal object is smooth enough and has such shape that it should enter very easy in a well greased anus. But it is necessary to push on it with appreciable effort to overcome an initial resistance. So the help of the good mate is need for this anal game. And can appear not too easily to pull the toy out. But is necessary to try, cause it would be inconvenient to walk with such big thing in the ass.

10 June

The anus is so wide and can’t to be narrowed

stretched anus

This widely stretched asshole is looking as a result of very thick object insertion. Seems, hot mates are playing a bit excessive. A wide anus can handle various of big objects, of course. But it’s not an occasion for trying to thrust a foot into the rectum. Even very elastic ring can tear when inserted objects will too thick. They should be a bit more careful even in an impulse of the passion.

09 June

Lesbians play with anal balls

black anal balls

Playful babes have a rich fantasy. They also have a good set of anal toys. These black balls which fixed on the hard axis can be used as just anal balls, and also as a dildo and strap on too. It is almost universal device. But when the asshole is so hungry, our lesbians can involve many other objects. Not only toys but also their own hands can be inserted into well stretched assholes.

08 June

Slutty nurses are getting milk enemas

milk enemas

After a hard working day two sexy nurses are receiving their evening portion of the milk. It will help them to gain strength for further hot anal games. Their stockings are wet but are looking very exciting with their round butts. I like girls which are stay naked on all four. Especially when enemas are inserted in their assholes.

07 June

A babe has got a bottle in her big ass

bottle in ass

This sex hungry babe has a wide stretched rectum. She is often inserting different objects into her asshole, starting from dildo and up to her own hand. A bottle neck she also had inserted numerous times. But not the bottle bottom. Such thick and big thing she can enter in her anus just with a help of her good mate, which likes to play with the anus and lick it.

06 June

A booty babe plays with anal balls

anal balls
This woman has wide hips and big heavy butt. Her anus is also very good stretched. She has a habit to push all that will get under an arm into her own ass. But her preferred toy are shining metal anal bolls on the cord. She slowly inserts them one by one deep in her asshole and then quickly pull out. She can cum two or even more times when does it.

05 June

A busty brunette has got an enema


May be this procedure is necessary, but obviously is not pleasant for the naked woman. She is kneeling on the sofa with a latex pipe in her rectum. A warm water is filling her intestines. It is good for anal sex when the asshole is clean, but her lover could caress her while he does a clyster. In this case she would feel a bit more pleasure.

04 June

Cute blonde likes to feel her ass pounded

cute blonde ass pounded

A cute blond girl is getting a pleasure. She masturbates when a long glass toy is entered deep into her rectum. This horny babe likes to feel how long objects are plunging in her anus. Her mate will help to stuff her asshole with another objects. She doesn’t like a pain, so prefers long but thin and smooth dildos.